Loans for acceptance of inheritance

So you don’t lose what your family owns.

We help you receive your rightful inheritance without worrying over expenses.

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Inheriting a property without the funds to deal with inheritance taxes and other associated costs is very common. These expenses cause additional worries following the loss of a loved one.

Suitaprest’s inheritance acceptance loan is designed to shoulder all of the costs associated with inheritance transfer. We will advance you the necessary funds of up to €300,000, with the property received as part of the inheritance serving as security.

If you plan to sell or rent the property after inheriting it, you can benefit from a grace period of up to 5 years. This way you’ll be able to make the appropriate arrangements in complete peace of mind and pay less interest on the inheritance acceptance loan.

Loans for acceptance of inheritance

Access up to € 300,000 in record time


For property owners

If you are about to inheritance a property and feel worried about the expenses of inheriting transfer you can access our exclusive mortgage-guaranteed loans. Contact us today for information.


Within 24 hours

On the day your request is made, an expert manager will contact you to inform you without commitment.


Free assessment

Consideration of your request is completely free of charge and without obligation, performed by an expert financial manager within 24 hours.


Express appraisal

In less than 3 days an official appraisal of your property value will inform how much we can offer with our loans for acceptance of inheritance.


Income in record time

Within few days, the approved loan will be signed before a notary. We transfer the loan for acceptance of inheritance amount to your bank on the day of signing.


20-year repayment

You have a term of up to 20 years to repay the loan, and you may opt for a grace period of up to 5 years. We offer maximum flexibility in cancellation or extension of the loan for acceptance of inheritance.

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Guarantees and Security

Guarantees and Security

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No need to change banks

With Suitaprest inheritance acceptance loans, you save yourself the trouble of changing banks. You receive the loan amount and pay the monthly installments through your existing checking account.

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No paperwork

All processes are online with no need to provide physical documents. Our managers are professional experts who perform all procedures quickly and efficiently, so you can access to the inheritance acceptance loan as soon as possible.

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No waiting

Within 24 hours following your application for a loan, a financial manager will assess and respond to your request. Once you accept it, you will get the amount requested in a few days

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Free and without advance payments

Unlike other private loans, Suitaprest performs all consultations and analysis of the operation at no charge, with no cost for the client. If you need a inheritance acceptance loan do not hesitate to contact with us.


Guarantees and Transparency

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Accredited professionals

Our financial managers hold degrees in economics, law, or business administration. All our professionals have long experience in management and marketing of banking products and financial services.

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Commitment to transparency

A manager is available throughout the process to answer any questions. We strive to present and clarify all details of the loan in accordance with the Banking Transparency Rules of the Bank of Spain.

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All legal guarantees

We sign all mortgage loans in the presence of a notary, according to Law 2/2009 of May 31 and to Law 5/2019 of March 15, regulating mortgage loans and credits. We are registered at the Bank of Spain under the code D069.

Your opinion helps us to improve and to keep on adapting to our customers’ needs. We would appreciate you to rate your experience with us.

Enrique (Mallorca)

Estate taxes for inheriting were quite hight! Thanks to this loan I’ve been able to retain a property that seemed impossible!

Alberto (Ferrol)

I had no cash to pay for the inheritance procedures. Thank you for helping me!

Rosa (Torremolinos)

I thought I was about to lose my family inheritance due to estate taxes. Thanks for the loan!

Do not renounce to anything

with our acceptance of inheritance loans


Easy, fast and safe

Estimated term length : 2 weeks

*This is an informative procedure in which the order or some of the steps may vary

Any questions?

What are these loans for?

Accepting an inheritance means a range of expenses many people do not know. If you cannot afford these payments, you cannot inherit. Fortunately our loans help you to not to renounce to anything.

How does the procedure work?

You can make your request on our website or by calling us. In less than 24 hours from the request we will present you a customized offer. Once you accept it, a home evaluator will assess your property as a guarantee. We will close the deal and keep it ready to deposit into your account.

Can I use the home to be inherited as a guarantee?

For sure, the same home you will inherit may be the property used to back the mortgage.

If we are several inheritors, can we request the loan anyway?

For sure. In this case you can request the loan for acceptance of inheritance if you all agree to present the property as the back guarantee of the loan.

Do I need to make any advanced payment?

It is not necessary to make any advanced payment. The appraisal of the property and the offer will be made by Suitaprest at no cost and it is not binding.

How long do they take?

In 24 hours once you make your request we will present you a first proposal. If you are OK we will start all the procedures to manage both the inheritance acceptance and the mortgage loan at the same time. All the process is made at a record time of approximately two weeks.

What are the documents to present?

To request an study, no one. When you accept our offer we will ask your ID and the notary registries to manage both the acceptance of inheritance and the signature of the loan. Everything is online and pretty easy.

What is acceptance of inheritance about?

Inheriting a property is the act by which a person accepts to receive movable or unmovable assets from a deceased one. In these cases everyting is inherited: assets and properties as well as debts. The acceptance of inheritance comes with a range of administrative expenses and taxes as the Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Legal Tax. If you cannot afford them you cannot inherit. With Suitaprest you can finance these costs.