Loans for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs

From one professional to another.

Up to € 300,000 of liquidity in record time

If your property is free of outside charges or with little outstanding mortgage, you can access one of our loans.

Suitaprest loans for freelancers are designed to cover liquidity needs starting at € 15,000.

prestamo autonomo

Mortgage loans

Your apartment, house, or other property can give you much more.

asnef autonomos suitaprest

Loans with ASNEF

Because we all have the right to a second chance.

reforma local

Loans for reforms

Give new life to your shop or revalue your property. The time is now.

reunificación autonomos

Debt reunification

All of your debts in a single installment without having to change banks.

emprender suitaprest

Loans without salary or advance deposit

If you have an apartment, house, or commercial property, we can give you credit.

cancelar embargos y subastas

Cancellation of foreclosures and auctions

In urgent situations, we offer you agile and efficient solutions.

How does Suitaprest work?

Access up to € 300,000 in record time


For property owners

If you own an apartment, house, or other premises you can access one of our exclusive loans for owners. Contact us today for information.


Within 24 hours

On the day your request is made, an expert manager will contact you to begin consideration or to inform you without commitment.


Free assessment

Consideration of your request is completely free of charge and without obligation, performed by an expert financial manager within 24 hours.


Express appraisal

Within 2-3 days an official appraisal of your property value will inform how much we can offer, from € 15,000 to € 300,000


Income in record time

Your manager will take charge of all procedures and documentation. Within few days, the approved loan will be signed before a notary. We transfer the loan amount to your bank on the day of signing.


20-year repayment

You have a term of up to 20 years to repay the loan, and you may opt for a grace period of up to 5 years. We offer maximum flexibility in cancellation or extension of the loan.

Opiniones clientes Suitaprest

Guarantees and Security

Guarantees and Security

Client testimonials

"They advanced me the loan in 15 days, and everything went very smoothly. Serious people, and everything signed in front of a notary. 100% recommended."

Antonio - Valencia

"To open my second-hand clothes store, only this loan would serve."

Natalia - Santander

"It was great for me because I was up to my neck with debt, and no other loans were possible."

José - Cádiz

Guarantees and Transparency

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Accredited professionals

Our financial managers hold degrees in economics, law, or business administration. All our professionals have long experience in management and marketing of banking products and financial services.

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Commitment to transparency

A manager is available throughout the process to answer any questions. We strive to present and clarify all details of the loan in accordance with the Banking Transparency Rules of the Bank of Spain.

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All legal guarantees

We sign all mortgage loans in the presence of a notary, according to Law 2/2009 of May 31 and to Law 5/2019 of March 15, regulating mortgage loans and credits. We are registered at the Bank of Spain under the code D069.

Your opinion helps us to improve and to keep on adapting to our customers’ needs. We would appreciate you to rate your experience with us.

Diego (Guadalajara)

They were the only ones that did not object to extend me a loan to get my business on. Thank you very much!

Cristina (Calahorra)

No other bank made easy to start running my business. They only ask me to be a landowner and quickly received a quotation. I accepted it and everything was as expected.

Raúl (Almería)

The loan was perfect to grow my team and acquire new customers.

Get the money you need for your business

with our loans for self-employed


Easy, fast and safe

Estimated term length : 2 weeks

*This is an informative procedure in which the order or some of the steps may vary

Any questions?

I am starting from scratch with no seed capital, can I apply for a loan?

Obviously! At Suitaprest we extend loans for companies as well as for new businesses and entrepeneurs. With our loan for self-employed and entrepeneurs you will get that initial capital you need.

Do I need to provide any income to apply for the money?

The main requisite to access to our loans for self-employed is to present a property as a mortgage guarantee. We don’t take into account if you don’t have fixed incomes nor an employment contract.

What documents will I be required for being self-employed?

You don’t need to provide anything to apply for a loan quotation. Once you accept it we’ll need your ID to start the procedures. Along the process we may be in need of any extra document. It depends on each case.

Do I need any guarantor to begin?

No, you don’t. Being admitted to our loans for freelancers is possible without need to present any extra guaranty.

If I own either an office or retail venue, can I apply for anyway?

Absolutely. Furthermore, if this property is business-registered you will be able to get the money into your account only within one week.

I am owing money to the Social Security, is that any problem?

This will not suppose any problem. Actually, you can use the same loan to pay back the money you owe to the Social Security and this way stop worrying about that.

If I do not have fixed incomes, can I access to the loan?

For sure you can. Main requisite to apply for our loans is to present any property owned by you or your business as guarantee of payment.

What kind of loan exist for freelancers?

We’ve got tailored loans to all sort of freeriders: entrepeneurs, self-employed or small businesses.

What amount can I apply for?

Our loans for freelancers and entrepeneurs allow to apply for up to 300.000 €. You can repay them in customized installments up to 20 years. In case you need it, you can ask for a grace period of up to 5 years