Loans without fix income

For any liquidity needs between € 15,000 and € 300,000.

If you have an apartment, house, or other property, you can access to our loans without fix income

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Do you need a loan of more than € 15,000 but can’t present a deposit guarantee or proof of salary, putting banks out of reach?

If you have an apartment, house, or other property free of outside charges, we can offer up to € 300,000 of immediate liquidity. Because if you have any other income you can proof (pensions, rentals, yields…) your financing is guaranteed.  With a grace period of up to 5 years and a repayment period of up to 20 years, enabling you to assume any expenses incurred or to deal with accumulated debt.

If you appear on delinquency lists such as ASNEF or RAI, not to worry. At Suitaprest we believe in second chances and we’ll assess your case individually.

With our loans without fix income we’ll find the solution that best fits to your needs.

Suitaprest loans without fix income

Access up to € 300,000 in record time


For property owners

If you own an apartment, house, or other premises you can access one of our exclusive loans without fix income. Only showing other incomes.


Within 24 hours

On the day your mortgage-guaranteed loan request is made, an expert manager will contact you to begin consideration or to inform you without commitment.


Free assessment

Consideration of your request is completely free of charge and without obligation, performed by an expert financial manager within 24 hours.


Express appraisal

In a few days an official appraisal of your property value will inform how much we can offer with our loans without fix income.


Income in record time

Our expert managers will take charge of all procedures and documentation. Within few days, the approved loan without fix income will be signed before a notary. We transfer the loan amount to your bank on the day of signing.


20-year repayment

You have a term of up to 20 years to repay the loan without fix income, and you may opt for a grace period of up to 5 years. We offer maximum flexibility in cancellation or extension of our loans.

Préstamos hipotecarios Suitaprest

Guarantees and Security

Guarantees and Security

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No need to change banks

With Suitaprest loans without fix income, you save yourself the trouble of changing banks. You receive the loan amount and pay the monthly installments through your existing checking account.

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No paperwork

All processes are online with no need to provide physical documents. Our managers are professional experts who perform all procedures quickly and efficiently, so you can access to the loan without fix income as soon as possible.

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No waiting

Within 24 hours following your application for a loan, a financial manager will assess and respond to your request. In around 15 days the approved amount will be transfered to your account.

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Free and without advance payments

Unlike other private loans, Suitaprest performs all consultations and analysis of the operation at no charge. Customers are not involved in any previous commitment nor previous payments. If you are in need of a loan without fix income do not hesitate to contact us.


Guarantees and Transparency

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Accredited professionals

Our financial managers hold degrees in economics, law, or business administration. All our professionals have long experience in management and marketing of banking products and financial services.

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Commitment to transparency

A manager is available throughout the process to answer any questions. We strive to present and clarify all details of the loan in accordance with the Banking Transparency Rules of the Bank of Spain.

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All legal guarantees

We sign all mortgage loans in the presence of a notary, according to Law 2/2009 of May 31 and to Law 5/2019 of March 15, regulating mortgage loans and credits. We are registered at the Bank of Spain under the code D069.

Your opinion helps us to improve and to keep on adapting to our customers’ needs. We would appreciate you to rate your experience with us.

Joan (Sant Cugat)

As a freelance nobody extended me credits with no paycheck. I got what I needed without counting on any bank!

Antonio (Madrid)

No other bank listened to me due to lack of back guarantees. At least they called me and explained me the possibilites I had.

Anna (Valencia)

I haven’t reached anyone else to extend me a loan without guarantees. With Suitaprest, it’s all about fast!

Solve your liquidity needs

with our loans without fix income


Easy, fast and safe

Estimated term length : 2 weeks

*This is an informative procedure in which the order or some of the steps may vary

Any questions?

Can I request a loan if I am not working?

For sure. Main requisite to be entitled to our loans is to present a property as a guarantee. It does not matter if your incomes are not salary sourced nor if they are not fixed every month.

Do I need anyone else to guarantee me?

No, you don’t. With our loans without fix income it is not necessary to present any extra warranty from anyone.

Do I need to show any income?

The law obliges to present any sort of income as a proof to justify the payback of the loan. The payslip is not compulsary.

... And if I am listed as defaulter, may I get it?

For sure. Unlike other financial institutes we don’t take into account if you are listed in defaulter lists as RAI or Asnef.

If I am receiving unemployment benefit, can I request a loan?

Yes you can. If you do not work and cannot present a payslip this is not a problem. We believe in people and study each case. You will have to present any income by which you can justify the payment of the loan fees.

May I ask for money if I am already retired?

For sure you can. Anyone can request a loan if they have a property as a guarantee of return.

What is the limited amount I can ask for without a salary?

Our loans are up to 300.000 €. The amount you can access will depend on the appraisal of the property that backs the loan as the guarantee.

What requisites do I need to get a loan without payslip?

Main requisite is to present a house, flat or venue in ownership to back the loan as the guarantee. From this point you wil only need to prove your actual incomes.