Suizainvest is now Suitaprest

We grow and transform

New brand, same values

The change of brand from Suizainvest to Suitaprest arises from the need to communicate our values ​​to a community of users that’s growing every day.

Suitaprest wants to connect with online clients looking for an agile and alternative financing loan or solution of up to € 300,000. We want to differentiate ourselves from other financial solutions that don’t offer all the guarantees and services of Suitaprest loans.

We specialize in non-bank mortgage loans to solve the needs of individuals, the self-employed, and businesspeople: debt reunification, reforms of flats or other properties, acceptance of inheritance, and cancellation of attachments, among other services. Our new name comes with an upgrade of all our digital channels, most notably the website, now found at

At Suitaprest, we’ve been offering alternative financing solutions in European markets for over 15 years. In Spain, we began operations as Suizainvest in 2012, offering loans with mortgage-backed guarantee to individuals and self-employed persons, beginning at € 10,000. To date, we have granted more than € 90 million in loans and we have a network of more than 300 partners throughout Spain.