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Your alternative
finance solution

Mortgage-backed loans

15.000 €

Your flat, house or property can
offer you so much more.

With your real estate as guarantee, we help you get more than your traditional bank can offer.

Debt Consolidation Loan

If you have several outstanding loans, consolidating them into a single one can enable you to reduce your monthly payments and better organise your finances.

Matrimonio haciendo cuentas para reunificar deudas

Refurbishment Loan

Would you like to do something special to your home, property or business – but don’t have the funds to do so? Not to worry, at Suitaprest we can offer you a solution.

Loan with ASNEF

You can get your name removed from the ASNEF list. And we can help.

Loan for the Self-Employed

Don’t let anything hold you back! At Suitaprest, we help you achieve your dreams and reach your goals. A mortgage-backed loan can be the key to starting your journey as an entrepreneur or developing your current project.

Business Loan

With us, you can make your business dreams a reality today.

Inheritance Loan

Don’t give up what is rightfully yours. A lack of funds should not stop you from claiming your inheritance.

Loan to address Asset Seizure

The innovative solution that will bring you peace of mind.

Private Capital Loan

Don’t let a lack of capital hold you back from your goals, projects or business venture plans.

How do we work?

Why choose us

Your opinion matters

I got the loan within two weeks, it was all good. They did everything properly and everything was signed in front of a notary. I´d 100% recommend.

Antonio, Valencia

It was great for me as I was up to my neck in debt and paying a lot in interests. This loan allowed me to refinance my debt and now I am paying it off.

José, Cádiz

Really good service, everything well explained. They helped me a lot and I never felt under pressure. They were very patient with me in explaining things. Thank you!

Natalia, Santander

All good. I used it as a ‘bridge’ loan – it helped me to clean up my debts and then I paid it off when my bank approved my application for a loan with a lower interest rate.

Antonio, Valencia

Very professional, they explained things to me that I didn’t know about debt consolidation – it’s clear that they are experts. Now I’m paying less every month.

José, Cádiz

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