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Terms & Conditions

Management Mediterranean de Crédito Financiero S.L. acts as an independent financial intermediary.This intermediary does not offer advisory services. Address: Calle Muntaner, 239, 2C, Barcelona, ​​08021. Registered with the Bank of Spain, Real Estate Credit Intermediary category, with code D069. Registered with the National Consumer Agency under number 368/2012. Access to registration data:

Intermediate for granting loan amounts from €10,000 to €300,000. With repayment terms from 6 months to 20 years.

TIN min./max. 8% /14% APR min./max 10.74% /18.06%. The finally applicable interest rate being the one determined by the corresponding creditor once they have analyzed and approved their request with the help of Suitaprest.

Example of a representative calculation of a loan with a mortgage guarantee. Amount: €100,000. Term: 20 years. Fixed TIN 12%/TAE 15.71%. 240 installments of €1,101.09. Total amount to be paid (capital + interest): €264,261.6. Uninsured. Expenses included: Opening commission (€2,700) and Management (€11,300).

This loan must be guaranteed with a property mortgage.

Maximum amount of the loan available in relation to the value of the property to be mortgaged: The maximum amount will be 50% of the valuation of the house, depending on the circumstances of the company and the property to be mortgaged.Example: If the valuation of the home is € 80,000, the maximum loan amount will be € 40,000.

Loan types:

  • Payment of interest and principal amortization at maturity.
  • Payment of interest on a regular basis and amortization of capital at maturity.
  • Payment of comprehensive periodic installments of capital and interest and amortization of the remaining capital at maturity.
  • Payment of comprehensive periodic installments of principal and interest.

Amortization term: Maximum amortization term of 20 years.

Frequency of payments: Monthly or at maturity of the loan.


The maximum interest rate of the loans where we intermediate is fourteen percent per year (14%). This interest rate is fixed until the total repayment of the amount borrowed.

TIN min./max. 8%/14%


The cost of the appraisal of the property to be mortgaged is borne by the client.